April 24, 2018 Special Election

Peninsula School District No. 401 and Town of South Prairie are participating in this election. A voters’ pamphlet and ballot were mailed together in a single ballot packet to each eligible voter.

Ballot Drop Box Locations

No stamp required.
Open 24/7 April 6 - April 24.
Close at 8PM on April 24.

Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula
  • Gig Harbor Fire Station
    6711 Kimball Dr
  • Key Peninsula Fire Station #46
    8911 Key Peninsula Hwy, KPN
  • Pt. Fosdick Safeway
    4811 Pt. Fosdick Dr NW
  • Purdy Fire Station
    5210 144th St NW
Pierce County Annex

2401 S 35th St

South Prairie
South Prairie Fire Department
350 SR 162 E

Ballot Drop Box Map  

Ballot Statistics 

Ballots returned by day
Ballots returned by district

Voters' Pamphlets

Online Voters' Guide
Town of South Prairie (.pdf)
Peninsula SD 401 (.pdf)

Sample Ballot

Notice of Election and Public Meetings

Election at a Glance

Unofficial Election Results (zero report)

Validation Requirements
TOWN OF SOUTH PRAIRIE - Requires 19 “Yes” votes + a 60% Favorable Majority

PENINSULA SCHOOL DIST. NO. 401 - Requires 7,009 Total Votes + a 60% Favorable Majority

Release Schedule
 Apr. 24 8:15 PM
 Apr. 25 4:30 PM
 Apr. 27 4:30 PM
 May 1 4:30 PM
 May 3 4:30 PM
 May 4 12:00 PM