62nd Avenue NW / 144th Street NW (CRP 5801)

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What's Happening

We are working on the final engineering phase for the project. This includes finalizing all the details for all construction elements involved in the project and preparing a complete PS&E contract package.

Land: Right-of-way agents are making contact with affected property owners. 

About the Project

Planned improvements to the intersection of 62nd Avenue Northwest/144th Street Northwest (CRP 5801) are intended to improve safety and increase the efficiency of the intersection. Improvements will include the following:
  • Installing a traffic signal system.
  • Providing street lighting on 144th Street Northwest.
  • Adding a westbound left-turn lane on 144th Street Northwest at the intersection.
  • Adding a two-way left-turn lane on 144th Street Northwest from 62nd Avenue Northwest to the school parking lot entrance.
  • Providing a northbound left-turn lane and a right-turn lane on 62nd Avenue Northwest.
  • Constructing retaining walls.
  • Adding stormwater treatment facilities and detention vault.

Project Timeline

May 2018:
Completion of preliminary engineering, and approval of right-of-way plans.

May 2018 to December 2018: Right-of-way acquisition and development of bid documents.

Spring 2019:  Construction begins.
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