Explore Pierce County

What if there was a map of all the cool places to walk, ride and hike in Pierce County?
With your help we will try and crowd source this map together. Below find the start of a map that attempts to highlight places that are well liked and beautiful places to get exercise. As more and more people are counting their steps finding new places to discover with friends and family is important.
How you can help?
Send me an email and let me know your favorite place to walk, hike and bike in Pierce County. If you send me an email you will be entered to win a prize and more importantly you will help make our map better.
Add your favorite place.

My 5 Favorite Places

1) Chambers Bay Beach
Chambers Bay Beach
2) Snake Lake

3) Carbon River entrance Mt. Rainier

4) Pt. Defiance/Clay Banks
Pt. Defiance/Clay Banks
5) Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually Wildlife Refuge