Exterior Lighting Upgrades


Facilities Management is currently at work installing new light fixtures at the County-City Building and Remann Hall campuses. Both of these facilities have characteristically low-efficiency and aging exterior lighting. 
Image of Tacoma Ave Globe Lights

Smarter than your ordinary fixture

By upgrading the old high wattage fixtures to new LED fixtures, we save energy (a lot!). Plus the new fixtures are pretty smart. They have the ability to adjust their light output based on the time of day and amount of daylight; the fixtures detect when daylight is adequate and lighting is unnecessary.

Also, when it is dark, the new lights will survey the area for movement. If they don't detect any movement, they reduce their output to 50 percent power or go all the way to zero. When the fixtures do detect movement, they instantly come back on to 100 percent.

Partners in Power

To obtain financial incentives for upgrading to high efficiency lighting systems, we partner with our local power utility and working with utilities like Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) helps our region adapt to population growth by reducing the energy needed to power our homes and businesses.