Naches Trail

The Naches Trail Preserve is a 50-acre property in the Frederickson community, located approximately ten miles southeast of Tacoma at 43rd Avenue East. The property contains a range of natural features including prairie grasslands, Oregon white oak woodlands, coniferous trees, Mima mounds and floodplains. The land was purchased in 2003 by Pierce County with a combination of grants and surface water management funds. The land has a perpetual conservation easement to ensure the land is protected and any use that will significantly impair or interfere with the land is prohibited. 

Naches Trail Preserve Stewardship Plan

The Naches Trail Preserve Stewardship Plan helps the community understand the values of the property and strategies to meet the multiple needs of the property. The plan also provides direction on the conservation of natural features and functions of the property by identifying and protecting existing high quality features, addressing potential enhancement opportunities and providing appropriate access to the public. 

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