The Court Process

Adoption Finalizations

All adoption finalizations are scheduled for Friday mornings at the Juvenile Court (Remann Hall) (including adult adoptions).

Arrival Time

Families should arrive just before 9 a.m. You are welcome to bring family and friends to this hearing as the court recognizes this as a special event for families. The child(ren) being adopted are required to be present in court.

Cameras and video are allowed throughout the hearings.

Legal Pleadings & Forms

Families representing themselves should have the following legal pleadings completed and signed prior to arrival. These forms are given to the judge at the start of the hearing:
  • Order Terminating Parental Rights
  • Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law re: Termination
  • Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law re: Adoption
  • Decree of Adoption
  • Consent by an Adoptee Over the Age of Fourteen (if applicable)
At the conclusion of the hearing, you will be directed to the Clerk’s Office at the Juvenile Court where you will get certified copies of the Adoption Decree (three for $18 cash only) and turn in the birth certificate forms to be sent to vital records in the state of birth. You must have a check or money order for the birth certificate.

Adult Adoptions

Adult adoptions do not require the services of Pierce County Adoptions. No adoption report is required. The forms needed in an adult adoption are:
  • Petition for Adoption
  • Consent of the Adult Adoptee
  • Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
  • Decree of Adoption
The same birth certificate information and fees outlined in the directions for pro se adoptions applies to adult adoptions.