Tree Assessment Project

tree-decay_wTrees play an important part in managing stormwater, stabilizing slopes, providing habitat, reducing air pollution, and contributing to neighborhood character. We know the trees are very important to the public enjoyment and beauty of our parks, however as trees mature they can also develop decay or other conditions that can cause them to drop large branches or topple over.

Pierce County Parks and Recreation will be assessing tree health at Sprinker Recreation Center, Spanaway Park, and Chambers Creek Regional Park throughout 2018. Dead trees and trees with serious defects near public areas will be removed or converted to snags for wildlife habitat. 

Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail

Portions of the Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail in South Hill Puyallup will be closed to thru traffic, Wednesday-Friday, October 24-26, 2018. The trail will be fully open for the weekend. Large equipment will be in use to remove trees with serious defects as part of our Tree Assessment Project.

Lake Spanaway Golf Course 

Select trees will be removed from Lake Spanaway Golf Course for site improvements in September through October 20, 2018.

Sprinker Recreation Center and Spanaway Park 

Follow-up tree assessments will be completed from May through August in Spanaway Park and along Military Drive. Trees with serious defects will be removed for the safety of Park visitors September through October 20, 2018.

Chambers Creek Regional Park

Trees such as dead Madrones along Grand View Trail and Grand View Drive will be removed in March of 2018. When it can be done safely, these trees will be reduced in height or left on-site to provide wildlife habitat.

Jessica Stone, Natural Land Steward
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