CCN Vision:

A regional interoperable communications network for first responders, governmental agencies, and local jurisdictions.

CCN Mission:

The CCN operates, maintains, and sustains a secure multi-layered flexible communications system using proven technology, best practice standards, and an integrated business systems approach.


Integrity – Be honest, ethical, and professional in all actions
Respect – Be inclusive and treat all people with dignity
Innovation – Be willing to seek out new and creative solutions to improve service
Accountability – Be responsible stewards of public resources
Reliability – Be responsible to provide services under all conditions

Guiding Principles:

Financial stewardship and stability
Innovative and livable communities
Excellent public service
Balanced service delivery
Operational excellence
Increased service value for our neighbor agencies and communities
Reduced operational costs and risks
Increased reliability for service over a larger geographical area

CCN Executive Board

The Combined Communications Network is governed by a four-member Executive Board.  The Board is made up of elected officials representing the Pierce County Executive and County Council and Pierce Transit Administration and Commissioners.

The Executive Board meets regularly at 1:30pm on the second Wednesday of each month at Tacoma Mall Plaza, 2702 South 42nd Street, Tacoma WA 98409. Check out upcoming and past meetings dates at our Agenda Center, sign up for meeting notifications at Notify Me, or read more about our work in the Document Center.

2019 CCN Executive Board Members

Daryl Eidinger, Pierce Transit Commissioner
Doug Richardson, Pierce County Council
Gary Robinson, Pierce County Finance Director
Skip Huck, Pierce Transit Executive Director of Maintenance

Danni Colo
Executive Board Clerk

  1. Goal 1: Decision Making Process
  2. Goal 2: Sustain Effectiveness
  3. Goal 3: Financial Stewardship
  4. Goal 4: System Sustainment
  5. Goal 5: Develop Collaboration

Establish an Information Based Decision Making Process

The CCN Executive Director will provide the CCN Executive Board with the background documentation and metrics necessary for making informed decisions on issues impacting the CCN, its partners and stakeholders. The CCN’s Cooperative Governance Agreement (CGA), Business Strategic Plan, Business Analytics, and Executive Board Policies serve as the foundational documents and processes that ensure the CCN operations are sustained in an efficient, cost-effective, and mutually agreeable manner for all parties.