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  • Wetter fall and winters will potentially slow the start of the growing season and increase the need for drainage infrastructure.
  • Drier summer could make growing season slightly longer but increase need for irrigation.
  • Population growth is threatening the viability of local farms as they are not protected from development.

and Fisheries

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  • There will likely be less shellfish to harvest due to ocean acidification and an increase in ocean temperatures will lead to lower survival rates in fisheries.
  • Will be harder to rear oysters, and other sea creatures that have shells.
  • Less food lower on the food chain will make survival more difficult for fish and is linked to the survival of top of the food chain species like killer whales.


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  • More people moving to the area provides new markets for the construction industry.
  • More infrastructure will be needed in the form of new housing, businesses, roads and facilities.
  • There will also be a need to retrofit old buildings for more intense storms with more precipitation.
  • Repairing structures damaged in intense weather events and increased armoring for sea level rise will provide business opportunities.

Energy Efficiency
/ Clean Energy

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  • Products that minimize the use of fossil fuels will become industry standards.
  • Energy efficient and sustainability driven products are likely to see an increase in demand in the future.
  • Increase in products, jobs, and application of products to help combat climate change.
  • Pierce County lacks these energy efficient products/clean energy manufacturing jobs today.

/ Landscaping

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  • The trees and plants we plant will need to be drought tolerant.
  • The forestry industry will need to plan for wildfires and take steps to reduce fuel that is a fire hazard.  
  • We could see many native plants fail to survive summer droughts.
  • Increased development could increase value of timber.

Health Care

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  • Increase in demand for Pierce County health care with likely population growth.Forest fire smoke will likely be an increased threat from local and regional fires from neighboring states and Canada.


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  • Vulnerable populations will be exposed to more heat, more flooding, and diseases that are currently uncommon in our region.
  • Cleaner vehicles like electric cars could improve air quality year around..

Home, Auto,
Medical Insurance
Policy Holders

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  • Increased frequency in severe weather events, some health issues could get worse while some could get better.
  • Will likely cost customers more for the same coverage.


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  • Increase in natural events and disasters will increase the need for insurance.
  • Able to charge higher premiums to mitigate for increased payouts following damaged caused by climate related disasters.

Low-lying Homes,
Businesses, & Habitat

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  • Sea level rise will threaten homes, businesses and decrease habitat in low-lying areas.
  • Increased likelihood that storms will cause flooding weakening coastal land, increasing landslides and erosion.


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  • Climate Change is a threat multiplier and can cause destabilization across the world creating challenges for the Military.

Port of 

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  • Will need to plan for sea level rise and act in the next 10 years to protect low-lying areas that could start flooding during high tides and storm surges.


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  • More people will likely want to move to this area from other regions.
  • Property values are likely to increase with low housing inventory.
  • There is still some available land in the area to develop and lots of infill opportunities throughout the County.


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  • Warmer summers could extend the tourism season in Pierce County.
  • Less snow and reduced wildlife might decrease the aesthetic beauty of the region.
  • More closures of iconic Parks like Mt. Rainier are possible due to flooding and road blocks.