Military Road Interceptor

Military Road Sewer project in Frederickson and Spanaway area.

Project area (click to expand)

Map of Military Road Interceptor sewer project that begin in summer of 2019.

  • Project #: P-110609
  • Estimated Total Project Cost: $5.5 million
  • Funding Source: Sewer connection charges
  • Construction Contractor: TBD

  • Project Advertisement: TBD
  • Anticipated Construction Start: Summer 2019
  • Anticipated duration: 12 -18 months

About the project

Nearly 10,000 feet of new sewer pipe will be installed to support development along the 176th Street East corridor. The project will extend sewer pipe along Military Road from 22nd Ave East to 36th Ave East. The project is anticipated to begin June 2019 and take 12-18 months to complete. Construction of the 28th Ave East pump station will occur at the same time.

How will this project affect you?

Some homes will be required to connect: Connection requirements depend on the type of lot. There are three types of lots in the area of this work:

  1. Dry line plat – Homes built in subdivisions with covenants requiring connection to sewer when it becomes available. Property owners are being contacted to inform them of the project and required connection. All homes along the following roads will need to connect: 34th Avenue Court East, 169th Street Court East and 173rd Street East. These property owners will have 180 days from the project completion date to connect to the sewer system and decommission existing septic tanks. Please see “Step-by-step guide for connecting to sewer system” below.  
  2. On-site septic system – Homes using approved on-site septic system until new development is proposed on the property; the existing septic system fails; or the owner chooses to connect.
  3. Vacant lots – Will connect to sewer when developed.

For more information, please see Pierce County Code sections 13.04.030.B.2 and 18J.15.160.

Sewer Stubs: The project will include providing sewer stubs to nearby properties. Sewer stubs provide a convenient point for future sewer system connections. Property owners are being contacted to obtain temporary construction permit for the County’s contractor to install the stub to their property line.

Privately owned property in County right-of-way: It is anticipated that the contractor will need to make use of the county right-of-way to install the sewer line. Property owners may need to remove privately owned items within the right-of-way that they wish to salvage prior to construction.

Traffic impacts: Intermittent road closures will be necessary to complete the work. The contractor will always be required to maintain local and emergency vehicle access.

Interesting Facts

  • 5,020 feet of eight to 15-inch pipe along Military Road from 22nd Ave East to 36th Ave East.
  • 1,890 feet of eight-inch pipe along 36th Ave East.
  • 1,100 feet of eight-inch pipe along Waller Road.
  • 1,900 feet of eight-inch pipe along 32nd Ave East.

Step-by-step guide for connecting to sewer system

  1. Choose contractor from the registered contractor list.
  2. Fill out Residential Sewer Service Permit (A2) form.
  3. Submit project (with scanned documents) online through PALS+ permitting system.
  4. Pay the sewer service permit fee of $170 and applicable connection charges of $5,228 (includes $3,491 Wastewater Treatment Capacity Charge and $1,737 Basin Area Charge). Rates are subject to change and are accurate as of date of publishing.
  5. The application will be reviewed for compliance with standard plans and the permit will be issued to the contractor.
  6. Once your property is connected to the sewer, any existing septic tanks on the property will need to be decommissioned.
  7. Additional information about this process.

Project contacts

Aaron Callanan P.E
Design Engineering Supervisor 
(253) 798-4207 
Juan Loyola P.E. 
Project Engineer 
(253) 798-2281