Traffic Operations Projects

Cornwall Road SW, Lorenz Road SW, Delano Road SW intersection reconfiguration

New traffic configuration
Existing traffic configuration

What’s happening

Pierce County will reconfigure the Lakebay intersection at Cornwall Road Southwest, Lorenz Road Southwest and Delano Road Southwest in late September to improve intersection operations.

About the change

Pierce County crews will remove the gravel island and repave the intersection with asphalt. This work is expected to take place the week of Sept. 23, and will take one day.

The county will then restripe the intersection in a slightly-revised configuration. This work will occur within a week of the paving work. 

An eastbound left-turn lane for traffic turning onto Lorenz Road Southwest from Cornwall Road Southwest will be added. 
Please see the drawing above to see how the intersection will be reconfigured.


Once completed, the intersection will resemble a more traditional “T” intersection.

This reconfiguration is expected to enhance visibility for those turning at the intersection.

Traffic impacts

The work schedule is subject to change due to weather or other factors. Check this webpage for updates.

Motorists should expect traffic delays during this work. The intersection will remain open, although the roads may be reduced to one lane with alternating traffic. Flaggers will be onsite to direct traffic.

During the restriping work, please do not drive over the wet paint. Cones and signs will be in place to alert you to wet paint.

72nd Street East reconfiguration


What's happening?

72nd Street East between Waller Road East and Canyon Road East was reconfigured to three lanes after the road was resurfaced in late July. 

About the work

The 1.5-mile-long section was previously four lanes, with two lanes in each direction. After the road was chipsealed and fog sealed, it was restriped as a three-lane road. 

There is now a lane in each direction and a center two-way left-turn lane. Several turn lanes were added, including left-turn lanes at Vickery Avenue East, an eastbound right-turn only lane at Waller Road East, and a westbound right-turn only lane at Canyon Road East. Existing left-turn lanes remain at Waller Road East and Canyon Road East. Bike lanes in both directions were added.  


This change is expected to increase safety, improve sight distance for motorists entering 72nd Street East from side roads, and reduce rear-end crashes.

The reconfiguration will help moderate traffic flow and speed on this corridor. While there are fewer through lanes, there is sufficient capacity to handle current traffic volumes.

About the chipsealing work

The chipsealing work will extend the road’s life by seven to 10 years and reduce maintenance costs.

During chipsealing, a coat of liquid asphalt and a layer of rock chips are applied to the road. The roadway is then swept clean of loose rock chips. Motorists can drive on the road immediately after the application. 

During fog sealing, a final application of liquid asphalt is spread over the surface of the road to keep water out and improve rock retention. 
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