Safe Start Pierce County

Pierce County is in Phase 2 of Safe Start order

Pierce County entered Phase 2 of the Safe Start plan on June 5. 

Activities allowed under Phase 2, with certain restrictions, include restaurants at 50% capacity and table sizes no larger than 5, in-store retail at 30% capacity and the re-opening of salons, barbers and other personal grooming services. As of July 25, masks or face coverings are required when people are outside their homes – including the public areas of apartments, condominiums and hotels.

Pierce County has provided services to the community including PPE to businesses as they re-open, cloth face coverings to residents unable to find or purchase masks, rental and mortgage assistance for residents, and sending two mobile testing stations into the community to test as many people as possible and especially those at high risk. 

The Governor ordered the Safe Start plan paused because positive cases of COVID-19 were increasing across the state. Pierce County has seen cases increase as well. The Governor and Secretary of Health have also made changes to Phase 2 to stem the spread of COVID-19. 

More information about what is allowed under Phase 2 go to:

Adaptation Grant
Reimbursement of Expenses Related to COVID-19 Safety Practices

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CARES Act Funding

The federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed by Congress allocated federal funds to jurisdictions across the country with populations over 500,000. The amount provided to each entity was based on population size.  Pierce County received an allocation of approximately $158 million. 

Through the week ending July 30, a total of $113,535,201 has been allocated. 

  • $57,556,155 to Public Health Emergency Response
  • $26,500,000 to Economic Stabilization and Recovery Programs
  • $21,750,000 to Community Response and Resilience
  • $7,729,046 to Essential Government Services

For the week ending July 30, no new allocations were made. 

View all CARES Act funding allocations here, or download the dataset here.

County Services Updates
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    Beginning September 14th, attorneys interested in applying for the 2020 Pierce County Superior Court Pro Tem Commissioner List shall complete a Pierce County Personnel Application, Superior Court Supplemental Questionnaire, and Release of Information. Read on...
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  1. Updated guidance for commercial and residential inspections

    Inspections are limited to specific types until the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is lifted. Learn more
  2. Development Center lobby is closed, but permitting services continue

    In accordance with the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order from Governor Inslee, our lobby is now closed. Our staff continues to provide permitting functions, including application intake and review, and inspections. Read On...
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