Ski Park Road East repairs

What’s happening

Initial paving work will take place on a 4,100-foot section of Ski Park Road East in late August. The work area starts about 1.64 miles north of the road’s intersection with State Route 161. 

The work is expected to take about five days. We will post the start date and work hours once they have been set. 

The work is in preparation for Fall 2020 repair work related to a Spring 2017 landslide. Approximately 100 feet of the road and road shoulder were damaged by the small landslide.

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Ski Park Road slide
Ski Park Road map
Damaged road - Ski Park Road

About the August work

During the August work, crews will smooth out the bumps in the road (see photo) with an initial layer of asphalt. This work will help the road surface support heavy equipment during the slide repair. 

Crews will be onsite filling potholes and patching damaged pavement earlier in August.

What to expect

Motorists, residents and pedestrians should expect the following during the August work:

  • Expect significant delays during work hours. The road may be closed for several hours at a time. Call (253) 798-6000 to learn when you may be able to drive through the work area.
  • Flaggers will direct traffic through the work area during work hours. 
  • Heavy equipment will be staged in the area during work hours. Due to the narrow width of the roadway, you may see heavy equipment backing down the road. 
  • Please use caution and limit pedestrian activity in the work area.

We want to hear from you

Property owners should remove any objects within 3 feet of the edge of the road prior to the work start date. If you have any concerns or questions about this request, please call us at (253) 798-6000.

We recognize this work will significantly restrict and delay access to your home or activities. Please call us at (253) 798-6000 to discuss any concerns you have. We may be able to adjust our schedule to accommodate medical needs, home business activity, or similar.

Fall repair work

The landslide repair work is expected to take about two weeks. Residents should expect significant delays and restricted access during this work.

We will post additional information on the schedule and traffic impacts closer to the start date. We will also send a mailer to nearby property owners with this information.

We expect to return to the work area in Summer 2021 for final paving of the road.


The 2017 landslide impacted the outside edge of the road. The shoulder of the road sank several feet and the asphalt cracked and slid down with the soils. Plastic sheeting was placed at the site to prevent further erosion.

We worked with a geotechnical engineering firm in late 2019 and early 2020 to develop the repair plan.

Plastic Sheeting at Ski Park Road slide
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