Eckenstam Johnson Road repairs

What’s happening

Pierce County Ferry riders should expect to see Pierce County dump trucks on the ferry during early morning and mid-morning runs on weekdays from Sept. 14 through early December. Crews will avoid using peak commute runs.

Crews will time their trips to minimize impacts to ferry riders. Loading preference will be given to ferry riders if the ferry is nearing capacity on a run. 

The trucks will carry rocks to Anderson Island that are needed for November repair work along Eckenstam Johnson Road. The road shoulder is eroded in three locations following several winter events the past few years.

Eckenstam Johnson Road repairs

Hauling information

We expect to use early morning runs from Steilacoom and late morning runs from Anderson Island. We will review ridership data to refine our schedule. 

Crews will conduct general road maintenance on Anderson Island while they wait for the mid-morning runs.

The dump trucks are approximately 30 feet long. They are about 8.5 feet wide, which allows them to fit in one lane. The trucks will haul approximately 2,822 tons of material to the island, ranging in size from gravel up to 3.5-ton rocks. 

November repair work

We will provide additional information about the repair work in the coming weeks, including an expected start date and traffic impacts.


Once the November work starts, ferry riders can expect to see Pierce County pickup trucks traveling to Anderson Island on weekdays. Additional equipment will also be brought over on the ferry, including two excavators that will be staged on the island while work is underway. 

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