South Hill Avanza

Message from the Teacher

Welcome to the South Hill AVANZA Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program. 


At South Hill AVANZA we work as a team and we are supportive of each other, children, and families.  Children will have opportunities to grow and learn in a bilingual environment while celebrating the uniqueness that each family brings to our program. 


Preschool is important as the foundation in all areas of a child’s development. Children are provided with the experiences and developmentally appropriate environment to thrive in a language rich, stimulating, and culturally inclusive dual language classroom. 


At the beginning of the school year children will learn through an individualized curriculum to develop skills necessary to become successful learners. We work in partnership with parents to help them achieve the goals they established for their child and family.


At the end of our preschool year we wish for each child to be confident, prepared and ready to start kindergarten and to have developed all the necessary skills that they can use to become successful in life.   


For our families, we wish to be knowledgeable and aware of the community resources available to help their family and children. We also wish they support each other, be successful in all they do and live a happy, healthy, loving life!


Weekly Videos

November 2020

Video 6 Spanish
Video 5 English
Video 4 Spanish
Video 3
Video 2 Spanish
Video 1 English

October 2020

Video 6
Video 5
Video 4
Video 3
Video 2
Video 1

Health Videos

Video 1

2019-2020 Videos

Trees, Trees, Trees
A Cat and a Dog