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Pierce County Council Meeting to be held in Fife

The Pierce County Council will hold an in-district Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Oct. 23, at the The Dacca Barn, 2820 54th Ave. E in Fife. This in-district meeting will be chaired by Councilwoman Pam Roach, Pierce County Council District 2.

Each member of the Pierce County Council hosts at least one in-district meeting each year to make meetings more accessible to the residents of Pierce County. There is time set aside on the agenda for residents and local elected officials to present to the council.

On the agenda for this meeting are the following guest speakers:


Council approves updated Shoreline Master Plan

The Pierce County Council passed unanimously Ordinance 2018-57s which amends the adopted 2015 Shoreline Master Program (SMP) regulations and guidelines to be consistent with state regulations.

The legislature required in 2003 that all counties update their SMP. Since that time the County has been working with State Department of Ecology (DOE) and stakeholders to update the original 1975 program plan.

Pierce County initially adopted a revised Shoreline Master Program in 2015, however, the DOE mandated various changes before the plan could go into effect. Ordinance 2018-57s incorporates those changes which include:

  • Greater flexibility for shoreline restoration projects
  • Requiring Pierce County to issue permits for the dumping of dredge material within the Nisqually Reach Aquatic Reserve
  • Notification to the County for any proposal to expand or modify a shellfish farm
  • New wetland rating system

 “The County, DOE and stakeholders have been working for over a decade to update the 2015 plan that addresses growth along our shoreline, the aquaculture industry and more vigorous environmental regulations. The larger SMP is a great accomplishment for our County and the State,” said Councilman Rick Talbert.

This Ordinance shall become effective 14 days following written final approval by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

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The Council is the legislative branch of Pierce County government and is the policy-determining body of the County, as provided by the County Charter. The Council has all powers of the County not otherwise reserved to the people, the Executive, or general law.

The seven members are elected from each of seven contiguous and equally populated districts. Each county councilmember represents a district having a population of approximately 115,000 people (as of the 2010 Census) and is elected to a 4 year term.

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