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District 1 Community Engagement Survey

  1. Survey

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    This community engagement survey will only take a few minutes and provide me with the valuable information to help me better represent you in Pierce County government.

    Dan Roach
    Pierce County Council Chair - District 1


    Of the following issues below, which are you aware of and what would you say is your level of knowledge on the topic?

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  6. Citizen Lawsuit*

    Pierce County government recently sued a private citizen in an attempt to prevent that individual from filing a referendum against a proposed new building. I opposed that lawsuit and successfully fought to have the county drop it.

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  8. Prosecuting Attorney*

    The Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney has recently come under fire for alleged misconduct. Two whistleblowers brought the issue to light, and a number of lawsuits have stemmed from their allegations.

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  10. Customer Services Building*

    The County Executive drew up a proposal to build a new government building in Tacoma’s Lincoln Neighborhood, however the financing plan to pay for it was based on what I believed were unrealistic assumptions. The proposal was put to a vote of the people where it was defeated.

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  12. Budget*

    Over the past several months, the Pierce County Council held a series of public meetings to hear from the public and other county departments regarding the 2016 budget. The final budget proposal passed November 16 and is awaiting approval by the County Executive.

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  14. Property Crimes*

    One of the biggest and most universally-supported provisions in the proposed 2016 budget for Pierce County is the creation of a new property crimes unit in the County Sheriff’s department. Because property crimes are the number one type of crime in Pierce County, I proposed the budget amendment that created the new unit.

  15. QUESTION 2

    Below are several major issues Pierce County government deals with. Please rank your top three priorities that are most important to you.

  16. If your priority issues is not listed, please enter it here:

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  19. QUESTION 3*

    Knowing that County government has a limited revenue stream and cannot fund everything, how would you recommend the County go about funding those services listed above (and others)?

  20. If your preferred recommendation something else, please enter it here:

  21. QUESTION 4*

    Regarding Growth Management, which statement most closely reflects your opinion?

  22. QUESTION 5*

    Thinking about where you primarily get your news and information about County government, what specific source(s) do you use most often?

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