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Public Works

  1. 2016 Spanaway Lake Management Plan Open House Question and Comment Form
  2. Airport Feedback Form
  3. Airports - Passport Destination Form

    Destination submissions for Pierce County Airports Passport Brochure

  4. Code Enforcement Customer Survey
  5. Contact Us - Code Enforcement
  6. Contact Us - Public Works
  7. Contact Us - Sewer & Water Utilities - Sewer Code Update
  8. Contact Us - Sustainable Resources
  9. Contact Us - Traffic Division
  10. Drain Ranger Badge Form
  11. Ferry System Feedback
  12. Grease Interceptor Service Report
  13. Kapowsin Water District Receivership

    This form allows interested parties to sign up for information on the Kapowsin Water District Receivership by Pierce County

  14. Pet waste station sponsorship application

    Please review the eligibility requirements and responsibilities of a pet waste station sponsor prior to applying. (Find eligibility... More…

  15. Property Flood Risk Map Request

    Fill out this form to request a map of your property showing potential flood risks.

  16. Puyallup River Watershed Council Mailing List

    Receive email updates and meeting information from the Puyallup River Watershed Council.

  17. Questions about Recycling
  18. Sewer Division Employee Emergency Accountability For Employees
  19. Sign Up for the Sound Waves Newsletter

    Sign up to receive the Sound Waves newsletter via email

  20. SoundGRO® Large Volume Order Form
  21. Spanaway Creek Raise the Grade Notification List

    Receive email updates about workshops and opportunities related to our program.

  22. Stormwater Classroom - IDDE
  23. SWAC Mailing List
  24. Waste Trends Analysis Project Contact Form
  25. Waterborne Transportation Study
  26. Youth Summit 2020
  1. ADA Transition Plan Comments
  2. Airport Survey Feedback
  3. Citizen Satisfaction Survey
  4. Community Cleanup Contact Form
  5. Contact Us - Pierce County Airport-Thun Field Master Plan Update
  6. Contact Us - Sewer & Water Utilities
  7. Contact Us - Sewer Billing
  8. Contact Us - TIW Master Plan Update
  9. Contact Us - Waterborne Transportation Study

    Waterborne Transportation Study Contact Us

  10. Environmental Education Request & Application Form
  11. Fox Island Bridge Open House Comment Form
  12. Join Airport Mailing List
  13. Peer Award Nominations

    We want to help recognize people for their outstanding work in the Sewer Division. Please select a peer from the Sewer Division... More…

  14. Pierce County Airport-Thun Field Master Plan Update

    Those interested in the Pierce County Airport-Thun Field Master Plan Update can sign up for updates about meetings and other important... More…

  15. Property Manager Resources Contact Form

    Contact form for managers of multifamily properties. Request recycling info and handouts for your tenants.

  16. PWU - SWU - Sewer Billing Webpage - Feedback
  17. Recycle at School/Recycle at Work Contact Form
  18. Sewer Division Employee Emergency Accountability For Family Members
  19. SoundGRO Mailing List

    Sign up for our mailing list to receive alerts about SoundGRO availability and updates on future program changes.

  20. SoundGRO® Online Order Form
  21. Spanaway Lake Workshop Registration

    Register for workshops this Fall in the Spanaway Lake area. All workshops will be held at Spanaway Elementary School, 412 - 165th St.... More…

  22. SWAC Application
  23. Vaughn Bay Shellfish Protection District

    Sign up for updates about creation of the Vaughn Bay Shellfish Protection District and Closure Response Plan.

  24. Water Bottle Filling Station Application
  25. WRIA 10/12 Salmon Recovery Mailing List

    Sign up for email updates for WRIA 10/12